How Dr. Freeze® started

Dr. Freeze is a mysterious scientist. He is always running after new findings and is passionate about innovation. However, he also has a soft spot for sweeties. But who doesn´t, isn´t it right?

Curious and creative, he always travels around the world after new options and different flavors. In one of his missions, on the frozen landscapes of Winterland, Dr. Freeze came across what would be his biggest discovery. Passing through a big ice wall, the brave DR. FREEZE® encountered a land full of fantasy, colors and flavors: a world made of ice cream. There, he also found those who were responsible for all those temptations: three happy and friendly creatures that were able to turn anything into ice cream only with a touch.

BOOH is the curious one. He has a sweet tooth and tries all the flavors. Sometimes he even repeats the dessert.

BEEZY is restless and passionate about the flavors of nature. All he does is natural and healthy. The last one is SKOK, the adventurer. Free and independent, he likes innovating and running around the world looking for new flavors. With his 3 new friends in the baggage, DR, FREEZE ® went back to Curitiba, where he opened his fantastic treats factory. With BOOH, BEEZY and SKOK´s talents he now produces the most fantastic sweeties and ice creams. He is always innovating and creating new flavors and recipes. Come and meet DR. FREEZE®, his friends and all the fantastic treats we have prepared for you.